Israel/Palestine Afterthought

After my recent rather hopeless posting on a possible Israel/Palestine conflict, I have become aware of an alternative that just might offer hope. This is the suggestion that Israel might be able to keep some of its setrtlements if it were willng to trade for them lands which Arabs live on within Israel proper. Much of the Arab population lives on the edge of the West Bank, including some Bedouin tribes in the northeast Negev. This is part of the solution offered by President Carter in his latest book. Thomas Friedman in a recent NyTimes Op-Ed has made this a part of his solution. And so has the leader of one of the hardline parties in Israel (he is concerned with losing out to the “population bomb” unless something like this is done). If this solution were to include giving East Jerusalem back to the Palestinians, perhaps there could be a deal. The down side is that we do not hear enough about it, particularly from the Arabs.

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